About us


Our Firm & Our Goal

We opened on the 1st October 1999 with some simple goals.

- To treat people with respect, honesty and integrity.
- To treat others as we ourself would want to be treated
- To give simple, clear, honest and accurate advice.
- To provide cost-effective legal services in the areas of property and business law for which we have a strong passion.
- To provide a level of commitment and service second to none.

We know what we do. And we do it well.

Cassab & Associates Solicitors don’t claim to be good in all areas of law but only at those areas in which we practice. We don’t practice Criminal Law, Family Law, Workers Compensation or Personal Injury Law. We do focus on CONVEYANCING (in both residential and commercial) SMALL BUSINESS LAW (including the sale of businesses from small to large), LEASING, FRANCHISING, PARTNERSHIPS and WILLS and PROBATE.

  • We do what we do well because we are focused on only those areas that we know we are good at and have a very strong passion for.
  • Cassab & Associates Solicitors strives to offer their Clients prompt, efficient and simple solutions to their problems whilst never losing sight of the Clients’ need to have and ­ see value for money.
  • We understand that Client’s relationships are built on trust and honesty and we aim to build open, honest relationships with our Clients based on trust, integrity, honesty and reliability.
  • We accept that we are continually being judged on our performances and we are only as good as our last job. We rely heavily on Clients’ referrals and understand that Clients will only refer family and friends if they themselves have had a good experience with us. We, therefore, aim to ensure that your experience is a pleasant and rewarding one and the biggest compliment you can provide is to refer a family member or friend to us.
  • Prompt, efficient and personalised service – that is our goal!