Conveyancing Pitfalls


Buying a house? Selling a house? There are many pitfalls that can be avoided by engaging the services of solicitors that are focused on Conveyancing. Cassab & Associates Solicitors can guide you through a maze of decisions such as:

- Should I sign an Option Agreement?
- Do I sell at auction?
- The hidden tactics of bidding at auction?
- Should I sell a partly renovated home?
- Do I need to have Home Owners Warranty?
- How do I spot the hidden “extras” in a Contract of Sale?
- Should I give up my “cooling off rights” and do I need a 66W Certificate?
- Do I really need a Survey and Building Certificate? What risks am I taking if I don’t get them?
- How do I know everything is council approved? And what about the swimming pool?
- Are there any special levies they haven’t told me about?
- Can I keep my pet?
- What about a caveat, should I lodge one after exchange?
- What if the seller goes and mortgages the property after exchange or sells it to someone else, am I protected?

It is important to realise that the right advice delivered in a timely and professional manner may help you avoid the many pitfalls which exist when buying a property.

Consider the following:

Contracts can be confusing. Do you really understand all the legal jargon? What if there are illegal none approved structures on the land? Where do you stand when you and the other party can’t agree? What are you really buying when you buy off the plan?

Could you plough your way through the legal jargon and pick any potential traps?

The solicitors at Cassab & Associates Solicitors have invested many years going to university studying the law and then much more in practice. They have the experience to guide you making your transaction as smooth as possible. Why not talk to one of our university qualified solicitors today? Contact us.